There was no priest in the first years after the settlement of Mramorak in the years 1820 1821.
Many devout christians went to the neighboring community in Franzfeld for their marriages in this transitional time
Extracts from the Franzfeld Marriage Register
Date Surname Groom & Bride Parents of the Bridal Pair
6-Nov Reiter Georg * in Franzfeld & Son of Georg Reiter & Ottilie
Anna Daughter of Zaharias Boes & Anna Marie, born Kittelberger
18-Nov Bitsch Philipp & Son of Adam Bitsch
Margaretha Daughter of Nikolaus Kiefner
18-Nov Tracht Leonhard &
Katharina Daughter of Adam Bitsch
16-Dec Scholler Jakob &
Magdalena Widow, born Sexauer
7-May Huber Peter, blacksmith & Son of Melchior Huber & Katharina, born Zimmer
Elisabetha Daughter of Friedrich Hild & Elisabetha, born Gloss
18-Feb Harich Johann & Son of Conrad Harich & Katharina, born Schrey
Magdalena, born in Bulkes Daughter of David Majer & Elisabetha from Bulkes
30-Apr Reiter Johann Simon & Son of Gottfried Reiter & Jabukina, born Tarin
Christina Magdalena Daughter of Johann Preisch & Christina, born Stier
23-Apr Seeger Philipp & Stepson of Martin Baumung & Elisabetha, born Bitsch
Anna Maria Daughter of Johann Busmann from Pasowa & Katharina, born Ratzel
28-May Buitor Johann, tanner & Son of Paul Bujtor from Hungary & Susanna, born Slezak
Rosina Daughter of Johann Jakob Polz & Elisabetha, born Morgenstern
21-Jul Schmaehl Peter, master wheekwright & Son of Peter Schmaehl & Christina, born Schmidt
Margaretha, born Scherer Daughter of Philipp Scherer & Katharina, born Kissner
11-Aug Lange Wilhelm, teacher & Son of Martin Lange & Elisabetha, born Fries
Anna Maria, born Hildenbrandt Widowed from Kittelberger. Daughter of Wenceslaus Hildenbrandt & Katharina
6-Jan Bitsch Adam & Widower
Eva Enterle Widow
21-Jan Merkel Ludwig & Son of Ludwig Merkel & Elisabetha, born Burghard
Magdalena, born Metz Daughter of Christian Metz & Magdalena, born Kirsch
25-Feb Scholler Hans Heinrich & Son of Johann Scholler & Barbara, born Land
Elisabetha Harich Born in Neu-Pasova
18-Mar Kaiser Jakob & Son of Jakob Kaiser & Katharina, born Morgenstern
Christina, born Schmidt Daughter of Wilhelm Schmidt & Henriette, born Morgenstern
20-Jul Mahl Michael & Son of Michael Mahl & Katharina, born Buerkle
Katharina Mayer Daughter of Michael Mayer & Katharina
9-Nov Seeger Philipp & Widower
Margaretha Maus Daughter of Bernhard Maus & Anna Margaretha
9-Jan Dapper Daniel & Son of Friedrich Dapper & Anna Barbara
Katharina, born Ulmer Daughter of Friedrich Ulmer & Margaretha, born Henke
2-Mar Sattelmayer August & Son of August Sattelmayer & Christina, born Knausmann
Katharina, born Dech Daughter of Adam Dech & Elisabetha, born Jenser
4-Mar Schmidt Michael & Son of Johann Schmidt & Maria Margaretha
Christina Daughter of Christian Hinterlang from Jarek & Dorothea, born Schatz
4-Jan Henke Andreas & Michael Henke & Barbara, born Vetter
Christina August Sattelmaier & Christina, born Knausmann
30-Jan Merkel Ludwig & Widower
Barbara, born Wagner Widow, born Leitenberger
11-Oct Stehle Gottlieb & Son of Kaspar Stehle & Eva, born Weber
Margaretha, born Heinz Daughter of Jakob Mosmann / Heinz
26-Nov Schmidt Conrad, weaver & Son of Bernhard Schmidt & Katharina, born Heil
Elizabetha Kurz Widow
26-Nov Schick Michael & Son of Georg Schick & Barbara, born Heck
Elisabetha Daughter of Andreas Gloss & Elisabetha, born Ulrich
30-Jan Sattelmayer Michael & Son of August Sattelmayer & Christina, born Knausmann
Rosina from Franzfeld Daughter of Georg Frey & Katharina, born Nussbaumer
25-Feb Hahn Michael & Son of Johann Hahn & Barbara, born Sprecher
Margaretha Daughter of Michael Staufenberger & Barbara, born Reisler
26-Nov Reiter Peter & Son of Gottfried Reiter & Jabukina, born Tavin
Eva Daughter of Lucas Hummel & Barbara, born Polz
26-Nov Kanz Christian & Son of Adam Kanz & Rosina, born Friedrich
Elisabetha, born Schill Daughter of Jakob Schill & Elisabetha, born Kissner
28-Nov Kiefner Friedrich & Son of Nikolaus Kiefner & Christina, born Mayer
Ottilie, born Bingel Daughter of Peter Bingel & Maria, born Vogel
4-May Lochner Friedrich & Son of Balthasar Lochner & Katharina, born Elzner
Katharina Minichingen Daughter of ? Minichinger & Maria, born Stein
11-Nov Kegel Jakob & Widower
Elisabetha Schaefer Widow
23-Nov Bingel Nikolaus & Son of Peter Bingel & Maria, born Vogel
Anna Maria, born Merkle Daughter of Peter Merkle & Elisabetha, born Boghard
23-Nov Kiefner Philipp & Son of Nikolaus Kiefner & Christina, born Mayer
Maria, born Gueldner Daughter of Philipp Gueldner & Maria, born Maus
25-Nov Bohland Peter & Son of Anastasius Bohland & Barbara, born Eckard
Maria Katharina, born Petry Daughter of Nikolaus Petry & Magdalena, born ?
25-Nov Sattelmayer Gottlieb & Son of August Sattelmayer & Christina, born Knausmann
Elisabetha, born Becker Daughter of Conrad Becker & Christina, born ?
? Huber Peter & Son of Melchior Huber & Katharina, born Zimmer
Elisabetha, born Hild ??
? Scholler Jakob &
Magdalena Schmidt
? Schmaehl Peter, master wheelwright & Widower
Juliana, born Reinert Daughter of Johann Reinert & Susanna, born Engel
? Reiter Gottfried, born in Otisheim & Son of Jakob Reiter & Eva Katharina, born Ade
Jakubina, born Tafel Daughter of Michael Tafel from Diefenbach
? Bender Martin &
? Sezauer Josef & Son of Johann Georg Sezauer
Magdalena Schmidt
? Bauer Philipp & Born in Franzfeld
Johanna Kegel
? Brunner Gottfried Friedrich & Son of Gottfried Brunner & Agnes, born Held
Theresia, born Lutz Daughter of ? Lutz & Sophia, born Schepp
? Malthaner Johann, master tailor & Son of Johann Malthaner. He died in Mramorak June 8, 1853 (59 years old)
Maria Braun
? Renner Adam & Son of Jakob Renner & Margaretha ?
Barbara, born Merkel Daughter of Adam Merkel & ?, born Binder
Jan.15,1805 Stehle Johann, widower Caspar Stehle & Anna Maria, born Rehmann
Christina Regina Johann Koechel & Katharina Margaretha, born Mangold
Mar.17,1807 Stehle Caspar & Caspar Stehle & Anna Maria, born Rehmann
Eva Schillinger, widow Daughter of Andreas Weber & Elisabetha, born Pateich
Nov.6,1808 Seeger Christian, born in Grossgladbach & David Seeger & Eva Katharina, born Zoller
Dorothea, born in Reichenbach Daniel Bader & Dorothea, born Leidenschmidt