The deceased of the church community were registered beginning in the year 1824. 
Below is a table of the names that still exist for our use.  
         List of the Deceased 1824 - 1826  
Death Register 1824 - 1827   
Mmk  Date Parents,
Page Mo.Day Name of the Deceased Age Relationship to Kinfolk
1a/1 8-Jun Wagner, Catharina, Magdalena 1Y, 8D Daughter of border guard, Paul Wagner
1a/2 1-Aug Merkel, Elisabetha born Burghard 42Y Wife of border guard, Ludwig Merkel
1a/3 3-Sep Reiter, Martin 7D Son of border guard, Johann Reiter
1a/1 11-Jan Vogel, Peter 5M Son of border guard, Martin Vogel
1a/2 21-Feb Guring, Barbara 51Y Poor widow from Wuerttemberg
1a/3 28-Feb Wagner, Johannes  5Y Son of border guard, Paul Wagner
1a/4 12-Mar Scholler, Peter 1Y, 9M Son of border guard, Jakob Scholler
1a/1 8-Feb Kaiser, Jakob 24Y Border guard here
1a/2 25-Feb Stolz, Magdalena * Ullrich 38Y Wife of resident border guard, Johann Stolz 
1a/3  12-Mar Gaubatz, Anna Maria 5M, 19D Daughter of border guard, Nicolaus Gaubatz
1a/4 21-Mar Quiring, Johann 26Y Mueller, born in Werbas
1a/5 7-Jun Dapper, Johann 2M Son of border guard, Daniel Dapper
1a/6 13-Sep Berth, Maria Barbara 58Y, 11M, 10D Border guard’s widow
1a/7 14-Oct Zimmermann, Margaretha 1D ?
1a/8 15-Oct Baumunk? Anna Barbara, born Bitsch 52Y, 1M, 23D Wife of border guard, Martin Baumunk?
1a/9 26-Oct Klotz, Andreas 20Y, 5M, 22D Son hope border guard, Jakob Klotz
1a/10 9-Nov Sattelmayer, August 6M Son of border guard, August Sattelmayer
1a/11 21-Nov Sattelmayer, Christina 46Y, 2M Wife of border guard, August Sattelmayer
1a/12 21-Nov Schmel, Margaretha 2D Daughter of border guard, Peter Schmel
1a/13  23-Dec Bitsch, Christoph 3Y Young son of border guard, Adam Bitsch
 /1 9-Mar Temmerin, Johann Friedrich 42Y Unmarried cooper born in Meklenburg